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Full Version: Mobile Spa Services and Pricing
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Hello Fellow Techs! I need your advice/suggestions on this one. My apologies if it's a little lengthy.

I provide mobile nail services for spa parties, events, on location services, etc. I'm working an event (a shopping soiree) in March that will also have beauty services. No less than 50 ladies are planning to attend, and the event will run from 2pm-6pm in a hotel venue setting. The event is approximately 45-70 minutes from me.

I've noticed at these type of events ladies are looking for "reasonable" beauty service that don't take a lot of time. What is the best service to offer so that everyone can have an opportunity to experience my services? I'm in Maryland, so I suggested $10 polish changes w/ a hand massage or $15 for a mini-mani (waterless). I think that's reasonable, but in the past, some ladies have complained about the prices, wanting a longer service for a cheaper price. It seems like everyone has a different definition of a "mini manicure" but mine is sanitize, reshape free edge, push back cuticle, lightly buff, apply lotion and polish. Or sometimes I sanitize, reshape free edge, push back cuticles, do a paraffin dip, remove paraffin and rub in the oil, then polish. At these events, I do not offer full services as I don't make any money (service less clients) and it limits the number of clients I can reach. I provide a quality service, it's just shortened due to the nature of the event.

What are your thoughts/suggestions? Should I offer more and charge less? Sounds like that shouldn't be the case, but I am hoping my nail tech sisters/brothers will give me some useful advice. Thanks so much!

I'm in NY and the rates are higher for mobile services. It sounds like your provided service is appropriate however. I think its one of those "What am I worth?" questions. I couldn't see going through too much trouble for under $10 per hour. I've also learned that these ladies tend to be the ones that do not manicure regularly and have awful cuticles...
Are you using the event to build business or are you looking at it as a spa party?

You can go one of two ways....
Promoting business-free hand massages (and during that time talk about what you do and grow your business-you can even give out first time offers and such)


Mini Spa Party $5.00 paraffin and $10 polish changes (I would stay away from mini-manicures, it is hard to rush a mani and have it look fantastic)

If it were an event I would be doing I would do free hand massages and promote the heck out of myself!
Thanks Tashawna. You're so right those women are not looking to become regular clients nor are then clients who keep their nails manicured on a consistent basis. I have to be mindful of that moving forward. What are moble service rates in NY? Do u have an idea?

Great suggestions Malea, thanks so much! I also like your FB page - maybe I need to have specials where if people book within the hor they get a gree service or something.

Thanks Chrissy! I have found that running specials during my slow months pulls in a few extra clients. Plus, the more they see posts the more they think of me. I have a few clients booking in that I did not expect.

I am a big fan of giving free nail art (simple stuff) in my promotions. It only costs your time (very little product), you get a chance to show what you can do, and your client will get lots of complements and possibly pass on your information.