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Full Version: Missouri Nail Techs I need your help!!
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Ok, I apologize in advance for this being so long, and Thank you to anyone who actually tackles it!

In a week, I'm moving to Missouri from Montana... The problem is, I'm supposed to start working in a new salon on the 18th of this month... but I don't have my MO state license yet. I promise I haven't been procrastinating!! In fact, I've been trying to get this done for months but I can't get any help from the state board.

Firstly, I'm wondering how your licensing works in MO? Getting someone on the phone at state board is proving to be my biggest challenge... I've called several times, using both phone numbers on their website... and I cant seem to get any of my questions answered. Its getting really frustrating, almost to the point of ridiculousness. At this point, I've missed the application deadline for the next exam... although, I'm not even sure if I need to take the exam because nobody will call me back! I have occasionally talked to a person when I call in, but the best answer I've got to any of my questions is "let me check into it and call you back"... but nobody ever calls backSad

I have everything done and ready to go on the Montana state board end (affidavit from the board stating my license is current, and my certificate of course hours completed at an accredited school, everything is signed and notarized). I've read through the rules section on their website, but it doesn't answer my questions. When I did get someone on the phone and asked about reciprocity with MT she said she wasn't sure, and would look it up and get back to me (that was in DECEMBER... and I've been trying to get her back on the phone ever since Angry). My emails get absolutely no response, so I've completely given up going that route.

In Montana we have to have a separate license to booth rent... I don't see anything about a booth renting license on the MO board's website? Do I need an independent contractors license to booth rent in MO? We also don't need any sort of documentation or business license to sell retail in MT because we don't have a tax... so I'm not sure what I need in regards to that in MO.

Aside from that, I can't find any info about eye lash extensions or spray tans (which are two big money makers for me). I don't know what, if any, additional certification or licensure I'll need when I move since these aren't regulated by the cosmetology board in MT.

Also, since I'm supposed to start my new job in less than two weeks, does anyone know if there is a temporary license or permit I can get to start working before getting my actual state license or will I have to put off starting work? I've tried to ask the salon owner for advice on this stuff, but she seems more annoyed by my ignorance than helpfulUndecided She told me that she's sticking her neck out for me by giving me a break on rent since I have no clients, and that I need to get this sorted out ASAP.... so my stress level is through the roof!!! Any phone numbers you have or recommendations of who to speak with at the state board office would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a BUNCH to anyone who actually took the time to read this, I know it was long!!! With no state board help, I am absolutely clueless and at a total loss here... Sad

What part of Missouri are you moving to? I'm in northwest MO. I know you don't have to have anything other than your state license to work, whether you booth rent or are an employee. And the only thing you will need to sell retail is a merchant's license from the city (I think, I don't sell retail, but my coworker does). I have no clue on what you need to do to get your Missouri license. I found this form:
but I'm not sure what all you need
Can't the new place that you are going to be working at help you with this issue?
Thank you Hilary! I'm moving to Joplin. Do you happen know if lashes or tanning are regulated by the Cosmo board? And luvglitter, as I stated in the op, she's not being helpful unfortunately Sad hopefully she's just busy and its not an indication of what working with her will be like!