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Full Version: Help with a business title for business card
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Hi there...I'm hoping this is the right place to put a question regarding my business card.

I work out of a studio as well as offer a mobile service.
I do nails out of the studio but do lashes and makeup in my mobile work (my studio is too small to accommodate both a nail table and a beauty table).

I came up with ''nail artist & mobile stylist" but I understand that people take stylist to mean hairdresser which I am not. I also thought of using "beauty services" but don't really want to use that as this suggests I offer the full gamut of beauty services..which I don't.

So I was wondering whether any of you have any ideas as to what I might list as a subtitle under my logo?

Many thanks.
What about 'Nail Artist & Mobile Beauty Professional' ? I know what you're saying about the word 'stylist' - I always think of hair when I see that word too.

That way, if you expand your services in the future to include something other than nails, makeup and lashes, it's still covered under that umbrella.
Maybe "Nail Artist& Mobile Makeup and Lash Extention Specialist"
Thanks very much for your feedback.
I'm very conscious of not getting too wordy.
Do I have to mention that I'm mobile?
I suppose I don't, do I? After all, I could put that on the website instead?

Maybe I'll just put nail studio and forget about extra services for a while.

Hi Catherine!

I'm mobile and I mention it in my title. I'm a licensed cosmetologist, so I also offer waxing services. But since my primary business is nails, my business name reads "Love Those Toes Mobile Nail Spa, LLC." I always tell my nail clients about my waxing services and glitter tattoos as they are a great add-on service. I'm revamping my website and will add those services to my menu.

In short, you don't have to include every service you offer in your business title, it should indicate what your primary/specialty service is. Once you get them in your chair you can tell them about the other services you offer.

Thanks for your reply. My business name is my name. I've decided to go with ''nail and makeup artistry''. I can always fill in my clients about the other stuff I do once they're in the chair. Thanks again.