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Full Version: OPI Gelcolor
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I am trying out the product and just love the colors and wear. However, I am having one issue that I cant seem to get right.

I am noticing the Gelcolor shrinks at the tips. I have tried several colors with the same problems. I have applied thinner, thicker recapped the tips before curing. I have no idea what is causing this...anyone else having this problem or figure this out???
Given that the problem is with all your colors and not one, I think your problem is not your color application, but your base coat that is the problem. With gel polishes, the outer/top layer of the coat does not cure. giving you the inhibition or sticky layer. When base coat is applied too thick, that sticky layer is too much. The color does not grab the base and "floats" on top of it causing shrinking at the tips. Although the OPI sticky layer seems to be less than most, try "scrubbing" the base coat on rather than gliding it on.
I've heard this term used on the board a few times. What exactly is "scrubbing" when referring to the gel base coat and how do you do it?

I have mastered it with CND, but OPI seems to be applied a bit differently. I will give "scrubbing" a try. I also heard from OPI who said I need to try to shake it longer, that it takes a full 60 seconds if not more to mix some colors.
scrubbing means when you remove the brush of base from the bottle, touch a dab of it to each nail, then use the brush to 'scrub' the sealer on to the nail to cover it. You might want to use a different brush better suited for this, something with shorter stiffer bristles. Doing it this way, you won't get too much on the nails which is one of the causes for shrinkage.

The other cause could be the color isn't mixed will enough. If you've got a thin 'something', use it to mix the polish with. I think stirring is easier than shaking, jmo. Another thing would be to swipe a bit of color over the end and freeze cure each nail. Time waster but in some cases, the only way to get the ends covered.
Oohhhh, okay. I got it, thank you Donna! I have a painter's brush I got from Michael's that I wasn't sure what to do with it, and it's stiff enough for scrubbing. I'll try that because I've had problems with my gel polish peeling write off like an applique after 4 or 5 days. I do a dry wipe, and it's happened with Gelish and ibd Just Gel polish. Could it be because I haven't applied my base coat properly? I didn't have any shrinking with the idb or Gelish, but the peeling off has definitely been an issue.

Very interesting, my co worker is having the same problem with the polish coming off in one solid piece. Maybe it's to much base coat???