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Full Version: Best acrylic brand for doing 3D flowers?
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Hi, I'm a nail tech student who wants to teach myself how to sculpt 3D acrylic flowers and bows.

In our school kit, we got self-leveling CND acrylics (white and clear). I need a lot of practice with getting the right bead consistency, but I'm seriously beginning to think that it's impossible to make petals that AREN'T constantly flattening due to this brand being self-leveling. (Well, at least I think it's because of the product more than me being a newbie?)

Which type of acrylics should I be using to make my beads? I know my bead has to be sort of dry.

It seems like with these CND acrylics, I have to keep patting the petal back into shape forever. I've seen YouTube tutorials where they basically just poke the petal once and go onto the next one. :/
Try a faster setting acrylic. CND Moxie liquid is a faster set time ,that will work with your existing powders in your kit. Smile
Ug, I completely forgot about CND having different liquids. We always keep using the one that says "Retention+ [Sculpting Liquid / Superior Adhesion]" in class, so while I practiced on my own, I didn't even remember the 2nd bottle in my kit. It says "Low Odor [Sculpting Liquid]". I'll test that out first and see what it does, but will look into the Moxie liquid that you suggested. ^-^
EZ flow competition series white is popular. After you place the bead you need to wait till you can dent it without it leveling back, before trying to shape it. Or else you will just be adding more liquid watering it down. With a brand that takes a long time to set up, if the bead flattens don't try to reshape it if its just going to flatten again. Just wait until you can reshape it and it stays in place. Patience is key.