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Full Version: Booth renting vs Employee
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Hi everyone!

I have been licensed as a Nail Tech for about a year and have been working at a salon for almost a year so I'm pretty new.

My current salon is a hourly/commission payed salon. An opportunity has come up for me to possible rent a booth at a salon a lot closer to home and where a friend works as a hair stylist. I am having trouble deciding if this is a good idea or not. I am fairly new to the industry and do not have that big of a regular clientele.

At the new salon there are two other nail techs but neither of them do shellac/gel polish, which I do. Also neither of them work on Saturdays. They believe I would be able to build up a clientele fairly quick. If this worked out I know I would make a lot more than i'm making currently and be able to set my own schedule. but if not, I would be in a bad situation.

Any advice from someone who has been in the industry for a while?

OK, here's what you need to consider,

do you have to the money to pay the rent and the bills that come in regardless of whether you build or not? Granted, I'm sure you'll get new clients but how long will that take? The first week I moved into a new b.r. site, I cleared $50 for the week after paying rent and buying needed supplies.

How busy is the salon? If they don't have a walk in clientel, you're not going to build quick. The salon will tell you they turn away lots of clients everyday, but guess what, when you get there....nothing but crickets chirping.

How many of your clients will follow you? Some will if they really like your work, others, if they have stylists that they use at that salon, AND if there's another tech there who does work comparable to yours, they may not move. If you choose to take a poll, be very careful....once the salon owner finds out you're thinking of moving she could tell you to get out NOW. You will be looked at as a threat to her business by 'stealing' clients.

If you have all your tools and equipment so that you don't have to buy anything when you go in, then it could work. Hopefully you have another source of support, a husband, parents, etc., that can help you out while you build.

Last but not least, no slur intended, if your work isn't up to par, it won't matter where you move, the repeat business that you need will never be there. This is just honest fact, there's too many other places that can provide basic nails that don't lift, break or look bad.