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Full Version: Allergic reaction advice?
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I've been using acrylic on my nails for over 2 years..and the past 2 weeks have been breaking out in hives..I am itchy on my arms, name it Sad .then I break out in welts...I am pretty sure I am allergic to the acyrlic or the primer..but I am not sure I can still do nails anymore...I can probably do client's nails...but not my own...
Do anyone have any advice? thank you so much.!
I have a fellow nail tech that had the same problem and when I aded my acrylic line to Tuff Enuff Nails she started using it and stopped having the reaction. Her hands would itch, crack and peel into the quick.
you could possibly wear gel. Sometimes, when you're allergic to acrylic, you mignt not be to gel. I've got 2 clients like that.....
I have these same problems. I have a reaction to acrylics, gels and some gel polish. I have stopped working with acrylics all together (the monomer was too hard to contain). I will do gel sets with gloves on, but I mostly specialize in natural nails and gel polish. I am able to wear Shellac, however that is the only gel polish I can put on without getting a reaction.

Feel free to have the tech email me. It is very scary to think that an allergy could change your whole career.

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That is terrible, I am so sorry to hear that you are having allergic issues. Maybe you could try wearing nitrile gloves while you work, to avoid skin contact with any products and reduce the amount of dust that comes into contact with your skin too.
You could contact Tatiana or Cassie at Light Elegance and ask for a sample of the gel. Many people who have had allergic issues with acrylic, have no problem at all with the gels.
I hope you can find something that works for you.
I am allergic to acrylates. Gloves do not help. The only ones my doctor said would not be penetrated by the acrylates are haz mat gloves....not very practical for doing nails. Indeed, my whole career has changed. It isn't the dust; once the product is dry, I'm's the chemical that makes it harden and its in acrylic monomer, hard gels, gel polish, and even venique. Tragic.
Have you tried the Nitrile gloves? I have heard they are better than laytex.