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Full Version: acrylic brand help!
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I am about to graduate nail tech school. I am interested on what everyones opinion is on what is the best acrylic system out there. I live in a small town so i have to order everything online and there arent many nail techs around to ask for advice. Your comments are appreciated!
I had asked this question not long ago. You'll get many answers from many people. In the end, you just need to try a bunch and see what works for you. Many companies will send you free samples. My fave is CND retention but it's the only one I've really used along with Nailite Omega.
Young Nails is by far my favorite, but I agree with Melissa82 that you need to try several different systems and see which works best for you. Most of the companies if you contact them will send you free (or close to free) samples to try out. Good luck.
I just started doing acrylic nails after almost 10 years and had to try a ton of products to find one I like. Young Nails is a great product. I also like Tammy Taylor - both are excellent but pricey. I recently tried NSI Attraction and absolutely love it! It's a great product, very affordable and works well even on clients prone to lifting. Their sample kit is pretty reasonable.

We have just unveiled a new Acrylic line at Light Elegance and I have to say, it is Beautiful! I did acrylic for many years and have been doing gels exclusively for the past 5+ years, but I am dabbling back in the world of acrylics with this new line! They offer a sample kit for an extremely reasonable price, give them a call at HQ (800) 275-5596 to get one. I have not seen it on the website yet, but there are pics on the Light Elegance Nail Products FB page Here:
I have just started useing entity beauty and am in aww of it. It is like nothing I have ever used and the gel polish is magic!