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Full Version: T. E. N. gel
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Question, I read somewhere that you were making the linkage in smaller containers so that they don't set up so fast and waste part of a bottle if it happens to harden up. I just went to the site and see that it is still the same as before and same price. This would be awesome if in fact this is true.
Im am not currently looking to downsize the bottles as it is just not cost effective. The price of the product would have to go up to compensate the smaller bottles.
The only thing that will cause Linkage to harden or thicken is exposure to air. The best way I have found to clean the threads is with a DRY paper towel or cloth towel. I use a dotting tool to clean out the cap. The dried product will peel off. If you are using acetone to clean it you are cause the Linkage to slightly disolve and it coats the threads and will not allow the cap to seal.
I am still a working nail tech so I have had the exact same problem with it.
Hope this helps.