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Full Version: tax help
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I am a mix between an employee as far as my schedule and duties go and a subcontractor . I get paid on comission with a company check but no taxes are taken out. At that point i am more subcontractor, and i should be getting a 1099 right? well no i have not received it and the owner was not sure when i asked her. Should I ask for a total amount of wages made so I can do my taxes? Any help on this issue would be appreciated. Im not sure on how to go about doing this.
I'm in the same boat....sort of. I work a regular schedule but I buy my own supplies and keep 100% of what I bring in. I answer phones, sweep hair, lieu of paying a booth rental. My clients pay the salon, then they pay me with a company check. When I do my taxes it asks if the employer gave me a 1099... I alway say no. I list my expenses and go about it as if I'm self employed. I believe they list me as a commission employee. I always get a printout of my earnings but no 1099. I assume that the salon could get in trouble with the IRS but that's their problem! I file as self employed....seems to me it's the same for you.