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Full Version: Multiple nail techs in a booth rent shop/salon?
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Anyone have this work situation now or in the past? If so, how does that work for you - pros/cons?

I am asking since I am only a year into the industry and I have been booth renting thus far. Currently I am the only nail tech in a salon with two stylist who seem to be happy with only 4 days per week. In other words they seem complacent. Complacent doesnt work for me. Sad

There is a salon 20 mins away that sounds interesting. In researching the salon, it appears that they have at least two techs at any given time with one being a constant and from what I can find she has been a nail tech for 20+ years.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
FYI- I have posted this on my FB page as well.
Thank you.
Hello! I have been in both situations. And by far the busier salon was the way to go for me. We have 6 stylists and 2 nail techs, myself and another girl who only does mani's and pedi's for her. Of course being in the business for 7 years and being very good at what I do, my business continues growing and her's seems to shrink by the day. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish for her to fail or anything like that. But if you are not going to put 100% into your career then you can not expect to get 100% return. When I was in a smaller shop, my business could not grow. I rely on my fellow stylists to help me. I provide services for them, help them out, make sure their clients SEE me helping out. Because I am only one person. But if I can influence 6 other stylists and their 600+ other business builds. I know another shop in town that has 4 nail techs...eeek, I would not like that. The more people you have to share the space with, the less chance you have at gaining those clients. But that is the other thing, get to know the clients coming in to see the hair dressers. Be friendly and talk to them, ask them their names, always smiling and always excited to see them. I know about 90% of the clientele that comes into our shop and they know me. Also the owner of the shop introduces all the new clients to me, by name and I try and repeat their name while talking to them so that I get to know the name and the face together. As well, the owner of the shop kinda taught me a neat little trick. I would notice every person he met, he made them feel like they were the most awesome person he has ever met and then he would say, "I would love to do your hair." I started trying this, "I would love to do your nails." You would not believe the response I have gotten.

Best of luck in whatever you decide Smile


I have been in both too. I rented in a nail/tannin salon with 4 other techs and the place was busy. We took walk-ins giving them to whom ever was open. We all answered one mutual # yet each had a phone near our table so we could multi-task. We paid rent weekly, made our own hours, and bought all our own supplies, including towels. We each had a duty for cleaning so there was never one person doing it all. And we each took a turn ringing up the retail.
I worked 3 days and taught the night manicuring class.
Now and for the last 8 years I have been a solo nail tech renting on a hair salon. I work 4 days a week, and I do not stick around if I am not busy. I think the lack of similar interest ( like another nail tech ) and the drive, oh and the economic hit the area took, has me feeling like I need to move on, so I do not put effort into my location anymore. For trying to fill my books with new people. I do love what I do and I love my current long time clientele.
It is very different renting with other nail techs. Its very rewarding and its busier. In my opinion that is. I Just would lock everything up I didn't want used, from my e-file to my polish remover and so there was never an issue of so and so used or took. I would go back to that kind of situation as long as the other renters didn't compare my schedule to their own. I work hours that I can handle and that is all on me. They do what they do, and we are not the same. That was the only problem I recall having. Them talking smack because they thought I should be there the same amount of time as they put in. I just reminded them, I pay my rent, so what does it matter to you? I am here these days and that's that.
I'm the only nail tech in a busy salon, 9 stylists on a busy day, 5 when it's not busy. I can honestly say being the only one is a HUGE benefit to me, but there's been times when I wasn't the only one. I found the other techs' being there didn't hurt as they'd already built their clientel and weren't interested in adding on plus they only worked a few days a week. I work 4 full days a week, off on the weekends and I stay pretty busy.
If I were going to move, I'd want to know if the other techs are staying pretty well booked. That would mean the over flow would come to you.
Hi Anna,

I work in a big salon (20 hair stylists Confusedhock: ) 4 estheticians 2 massage therapists and 2 nail techs. The hair stylists are commission employees but all the spa depts are leased out.

Honestly, I think it really helps to have 2 techs because people like to come in pairs, and if we get a walkin there is a better chance one of us is available to take the person.

Not to mention, I stay pretty busy just with the emplyees there Big Grin

Also, I think you'll get alot of experience in a faster paced salon, and working with a veteran. Assuming she's any good.

The downside: you will have to compete with someone. And you may have to overcome their bad reputation. Hopefully this won't be the case.