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Full Version: Low oder SOG
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After reading threads about SOG's I thought I might to incorporate it into my traditional gel services. When visiting the local supply house, I opened a bottle of Gelish. I was surprised by the very strong oder. The OPI seemed much better, but had fewer color options, at least at the store, and I believe required LED. Does IBD have a strong oder? I'd like to stay away from products that do.
Thank you
I never even thought about that. SOGP's do have a plastic smell but they are not as strong as nail polish IMO.
Eco UV Nail Color has no smell at all. I love it. you can go to and request a sample.
The site has been moved:
The free sample offer is still available there, just fill out the form.

Eco indeed is a no odor UV gel polish product in a pot. Many loyal users say it is far easier to control the layer thickness using a gel brush as opposed to a polish brush.

Many of the gel polish products have a lacquer base and yes will smell like nail polish. Eco is a pure gel product that soaks off in 10 minutes.

Thanks for correcting me Debbie. I can't seem to remember that the website has changed. lol i'm going to have to put a sticky note on pc screen.