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Full Version: cap free edge
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Hello- Thursday in school I did my own Gel polish. I used OPI gelcolor & LED (only a few months old). Carefully capped each free edge with each step.
#1 problem - on final wipe there was color on lint free wipe-?? I cured thumbs separate to b sure.
#2 I had a chip that evening??
#3 Today (Friday) my free edges are wearing away.
My FE is thin from UV gel removal a few months ago.
I use GELISH @ Home & have same issues.

I learned with shellac that if you have color that wipes off after the top coat, you have not covered the whole area with the top coat. So perhaps that is what happened? Are you capping the color with the top coat?
Yes- I did cap each layer. Of course I could have missed- I was trying to use thin coats as well.