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Full Version: perfect polish
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Hi everyone,
How long did it take to perfect your polish on natural nails an did you use any technique or tricks to help you get better?
Not long at all but I never really had any problems to begin with. Just take it slow, make sure you use a fulcrum finger to steady your hand. If you make any mistakes, you can take a small brush with polish remover to tidy up and sometimes you can even just use an orangewood stick dipped in polish remover.
it took me about 1 year to polish perfect. I was so frustrated when I was just out of school. I needed extra time to clean the polish on the sides, which wasted time and made polish not very pretty. But believing in practice makes perfect, now I can polish really good without any extra time on clean. you can make it by practice.
Thank you , im striving for perfect polish, cnails thanks for your honesty, it seems like thats about how long it will take me to perfect it.