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Full Version: Possible New Laws- Indiana H.B.1477
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New info on possible law changes to our licensing if passed. Link is below.
Couple of interesting things:

Combines all salon barber and cosmo licensing, so an owner only needs to get one license

Combines schools, barber and cosmo, so a school can teach both with the correct equipment, and only require 1 license.

Allows a citation program that would allow an inspector to issue citations for minor violations, instead of filing complaints which can take time. All money would be for more inspectors, etc.

Allow, students to take final exam before graduation.( Board would set rules to determine the time issue etc.) to get more students to take exam.

Eliminates the 6 month license experience to manage a salon.(salon must still have a licensed individual to manage)

Eliminates the temporary license for new graduates, because students can now take electronic testing(salons will still need temporary permits)

There are several other line items.Please read the House Bill if any of these new laws would effect you, I have glanced at this quickly and have given you a rough draft.

Diana Bonn (diana from indiana)