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Full Version: titanium gel
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Hi everyone! Has anyone tried crystal nails gel line? the titanium gel sounds pretty awesome..any info on yellowing or discoloring? adhesion? strength? thanks in advance!!
I really want to try this line out! I might just have to swallow the shipping fees and try it out.
I like it alot. How much is shipping? It's a website that has the gel for half off the only thing is it will be coming from Canada. I will look the site an post shortly.
It's $13 shipping.
oh my, I have so many gel lines I want to try out and now I"m going to have to add this one to the list. Smile
I Found some video's on youtube from Crystal Nails anyone else seen them?
Who sell's it in Canada?
(01-24-2013, 07:50 PM)barb Wrote: [ -> ]Who sell's it in Canada?

Crystal Nails USA- anyone using this?
I've tried it, great product! One of THE WORST companies to deal with! You literally have to beg them to sell you a product! I've found out they've had many many complaints about that, it's not worth it !
Yikes - thanks!
Please keep me posted..... I saw you can order online from Cali- I can't imagine it taking more then a week????
I know that Gemma Lampert uses CN from what I've read at least?
I saw a salon by me list their services:
LCN gel nails $70
Crystal Gel nails $70
IBD gel nails $40
(All as full sets)
Curious what makes CN stand out from a gel like IBD but in the same category as LCN - which ppl claim is the "superior" gel......
I'd never advertise according to brands, even though I've used the same ones for years . . . Light Elegance, Essie, VB Cosmetics, etc.
I know around here advertising LCN is HUGE & prices vary from $100 full set to $60- but the Crystal Nails / IBD threw me off.
(03-29-2014, 12:27 PM)[email protected] Wrote: [ -> ]I know around here advertising LCN is HUGE & prices vary from $100 full set to $60- but the Crystal Nails / IBD threw me off.

That was another one... years ago, looking at LCN, I contacted the company with a few questions... after four passes I gave up
never a straight answer
thinking, the high prices... to pay for a mediator?

after Titanium Nails....
Molybdenum Nails?

I've ordered the CN titanium trial kit online- got it in a few days- it is a nice product & super strong- I do like it a lot! It flows well, super shiny- cost could be better & shipping is pricey.....compared to my other fav (Christrio gels).
I like to use three - different reasons for different ppl.
My go to's are Christrio, Light Elegance, CN.