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Full Version: Gel topcoat discoloration
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I use Gelish. I am having problems with the top coat turning pinkish brown. I only use the Arctic white for french manicures. I have never used the top coat for any other color either. The tech from Gelish said its because I use Clorox wipes. I know that's not it because I only hold them in my right hand and my pinky is up in the air. Both hands are effected and especially my pinkies which are the most discolored. I am not tanning, I was my hands after applying product to my hair. I use argan oil so I'm thinking that must be it. I have read to use a regular top coat after the curing process is complete. But regular top coat isn't going to keep that awesome shine the gel line gives. That's the whole point of why I use the gel.
I type all day at my main job. I do hair/nails on the side. I have read on line that Opi discolors as well. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a line that doesn't discolor or doesn't seem to discolor as fast. Anyone?[/color][/b][/size]
I've had clients that are hair dressers for years. Our Diamond Shine works very well for them and does not absorb hair color.