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Full Version: Zoya polish company
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So I ordered a few polishes when zoya had the special at first of January, thinking perfect oppurtunity to see what my opinion of them is . Well I placed order on 1/9/13 and it still shows it's unshipped and it definitely has not arrived. So I'm wondering is this because special was such a hit that they are still filling orders, is Zoya always this slow to ship or should I call and see if something is wrong with my order?

But I would have thought if there was a problem they would have called or emailed by now.

So Ladies that have dealt with them before what do you think?
There most recent status on FB says it's going to take up to 4 weeks to get orders out. They had something in the millions ordered.
I use Zoya polishes exclusively in our salon - for eight years now. The company is very professional, and I have never really had any problems dealing with them. They have always handled any errors or order issues quickly.