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Full Version: Salon Owners - Commission, Hourly, or combination of both
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I'm currently in the process of writing my business plan and I'm trying to decide which way is best when compensating employees in the salon. Salon owners: How do you compensate your employees? Commission, Hourly, or a combination of both. I'm not really looking to do a booth rental situation so that's not an option at this point.

Thanks for your responses.
Sorry I can't help ya. I would never have a shop set up any other way than with booth rent. Just my preference. Good luck to ya!
Everyone around here booth rents. If they offer commission, it's 60/40 and you provide your own supplies which is ridiculous in my eyes. I would much rather an hourly plus commission. I don't have the start up money and supplies to booth rent right now as a new graduate. Not sure what I'm going to do...