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Full Version: how to tell clients youre moving away?
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I'm moving away in less than a month, and I haven't told any of my clients. I'm the only nail tech in my salon and we've been trying to find a replcement before I tell anyone, but no luck there. What's the best way to tell them? I feel bad leaving, especially with no one to take my place, I have a wonderful clientele, most have been with me for years and they've all been extremely loyal and dependable. I'm excited to move and start this new chapter in my life but the excitement is quickly being overshadowed by guilt (or fear) of telling them I'm leaving. What's the best way to go about this? At first I was thinking of just posting an announcement of Facebook but im afraid they'll be offended and think that's too impersonal. However, I'm also reluctant to just tell them individually during their appointments because word will get ahead of me and soon I will be dealing with "why did I hear this from so and so instead of from you?" Or "why did so and so know before me?". Am I thinking about this too much? Lol. Any advice pleeeeaaase!!!!
I would tell them right away! Post it to facebook so it gets seen by lots as soon as possible... they will probably freak since it's less than a month... I know I would Congrats on having a new direction to go to. Then start calling! Have fun.
Have you not been making moving noises? Sharing with them you have been looking packing etc etc? I bet they will not be as shocked as you think! Just be truthful, especially about finding them a replacement..
Im going through the same thing. You need to let them know ASAP and post it on facebook too. Its so hard saying goodbye and finding someone to replace your work is even harder. They will all be understanding and sad. Good luck!
Yes, you need to tell them because its the right thing to do and what about when they need their next service? How do you think they're going to feel when they call and find out you're not there?? Be prepared for a slow down since they'll start peeling off going to other places. Some will stick with you to the end but look at this way, at least you've only go a month to go before you leave. That's enough lead time for them to find another tech. I went thru this when I left the town I was in before starting in Huntsville. By the last week, I was down to 2-3 people a day. Wasn't worth even coming in for....I was driving over an hr. one way to do these people. Set up a cut off date and ask if they're willing to be flexible about moving their days so you don't end up like me.
Thanks for the replies everyone! I was never planning on NOT telling them, I just wasn't sure how to go about it Smile I ended up going the facebook route, I wish I didn't have to do that, but I think it was the best way to go (everyone found out at the same time, nobody can cry favoritism lol).

I was pretty worried about having people cancelling appointments or not re-booking knowing I was leaving, as Donna said, but as it turns out they were all worried about getting in before i leave and I am booked solid up until moving day. Even working through my last weekend to fit everyone in on time! I've even found a (hopefully) replacement tech who is going to come in a couple days this week and get a feel for the salon. So far so good!

Thank you all for your help!!!