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Full Version: Gel polish & reg gel/soak off gel question
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Hello- I'm trying to see if anyone is using Tammy Taylor gel polish- looks interesting! I'm struggling with Gelish- going to try some new ideas Thanks to input on here. I have a fellow student in class using IBD gel polish successfully! Just trying to look around at products for gel polish. Thoughts?

Soak off UV Gel versus traditional Gel-- what's the demand on this out there? I know more ppl in my area (NJ) are looking at a more natural approach to nails...... but soak off gel is new (to me). I was looking @ IBD soak off & Tammy Taylor's??

Thanks a million!
I've used IBD and it works wonderful. Not familiar with TT, never used that line. Demand is good, as long as you get the steps down, and perfect them. Removal takes a bit of getting used to, you'll need to file the sog to thin before soak, imo. It'll come off much faster that way. A 10 min. soak time is really hard to achieve if you don't thin the color before hand.
I also like IBD gel polish. Never tried TT either. I find with any of my gel polish removal it takes 10 mins. I buff the top of the nail then wrap and put them in heated mitts for 10. If your coats are really thin this shouldn't be a problem. 75 percent of my clients are gel polish. Your right that most women are going to a more natural nail. It also depends on what part of the country you live. You might go online and search other gel polishes. Some give free samples.
Thanks! I am interested to try a UV gel soak off system. I have only had traditional UV gel on my nails & recently gel polish.....I like the idea of an enhancement that comes off easy with little to the damage to the nail. When I take off my UV gels my nails are always thin & weak. I know many people who want to wear a gel enhancement but are sick of the nail damage after having them on for months - :;years even just getting fills. I just have no knowledge of them & my school only uses OPI gelcolor & IBD traditional gel. I came across TT soak off UV gel & IBD soak off gel. I purchased some Gelish but have only 1 friend successfully using Gelish & everyone else I have put Gelish on it doesn't last more then A week
for my gel polish clients i use Eco so Quick from Manicures That Last. I know they sent me out a free sample when I was interested in Gel polishes but that was awhile ago. I bet if you get a hold of them they'd send you a free sample as well.
That site now is at
All 3 companies (star, Cuccio & cinapro) in 1 site!

You can still request the eco samples and ask for a sample of Cuccio lite lotions also!

The link is right at the top within the navigation.
Check out the new Brisa Lite system
Thanks- will look @ these!