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Full Version: Light Elegance 3D Gel
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I just got a sample and planned on using it with my 3D molds. Has anyone used it for 3D artwork? If so, how do you like it? Is it easy to work with?

Is the 3D gel supposed to be more flexible than the LE hard gel? It's my first time using it, and I've only used LE glitter gels prior.....anyone???

Hi Chrissy. Have you had a chance to play with it yet? I love it, it stays exactly where you put it, no self leveling, no running. I have not tried it with the moulds, I'll be interested to hear how that works for you, post some pics please. Smile
Hi Darcy,

I am going to use it this weekend and will let you know how I like it.

Also, I wanted to know if LE makes a soak off gel. They did in their training videos, but when I called to order the rep told me that they only have hard gels. Is that true?

Thanks Darcy!