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Full Version: Nail Talk Radio: What Not To Wear
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Nail Talk Radio:
Next Show: 01/21/13
Special guest: Julie Kandalec

From the young age of 12, Julie Kandalec knew her future was in nails. "When I grow up, I want to be a manicurist" she wrote in English class. Finishing beauty school at the top of her class at 17 was just the beginning of a prosperous career.

Perfecting her art at a Cleveland-area salon since 1999, Julie continued to grow until she decided to make a big career change: follow her other love of travel and work on a cruise ship. After returning to dry land, Julie was watching an episode of "Blow Out" with celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin when she realized her love of nails and returned to the beauty industry.

To Julie, nail care is far beyond just polish. Always the artist, she is also trained in painting, drawing, color, and dance. Known for her gentle touch and precise attention to detail, Julie's specialties vary from a clean, natural nail to elaborate, custom designed nails. Since making the move to New York City, her work can now be seen in Allure, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Shape, V, and multiple international issues of Vogue.

Julie is breaking barriers in the industry by being the first nail technician to appear on TLC's What Not To Wear!

When she isn't beautifying nails, Julie loves to travel, try new restaurants, and explore the city. Julie lives with her long-coat chihuahua, Maya and is available worldwide.

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