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Full Version: what Time do you start?
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My salon owner has been doing nail for 20 years and the other day she was telling me that when she started working she was booked for 6am to 5pm. I was wondering if anyone else starts working that early in the morning?
I'm mobile now, but when I worked in a salon, I started at 7:30 am on some days, but that was mainly on the weekends. Stating at 6:00 am during the week is really early! Does anyone else in your salon start that early?

just one and she does hair
Not me! I start at 10:00 a.m. but I usually will work til 6-7:00.
Not a morning person, at all! Depending on what's booked I will start as early as 9, but that is after all my other time slots are filled. But I work til 7 pm. so I have a great reason to not start that early.....Wink
I start at 8:30
If someone wants their nails done at 6am, sure! LOL! Time is money, right? Wink
For the last 2yrs I start at 7-7:30am on Saturdays & take walk-ins after the 1st appt of the day...believe it or not that was my most popular time slot...but if they were late once they could never get that time slot again..I had too many customers who were serious about that time slot because they had other things to do for the rest of the day & wanna get their nails done & out of the way..and i would work until the last one is done..many times til 10p..

Nowadays I do walk-ins only startng at 8am on Saturdays but the rest of the salon workers come in about 10a..but I have learned the early bird gets the worm..u would be surprised at how many people stroll in wanting get their nails done early on Saturdays & I will have done 2-3 people b4 the rest of the workers get there..
During the week I start at 10a
I work 7 to 7 tues - fri. and 7- 5 on sat
Wow ladies! How do ya all not get burned out? Working that much would burn me out and my body just wouldn't be able to handle all that extra time bent over my table. Just a wondering. Wink
I work 9-8 Tue-Thurs, 8-5 Fri and 8-3:30 Saturday. The toughest part is going home almost 9pm Thursday and back 7:45 Fri morning.

Good thing I love my job Big Grin