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Hi everyone,
Can anyone give me tips on making regular polish last? I use stickey or nail envy as basecoat, opi topcoat, an cnd cuticle oil.
I have started using Gelish PH bond prior to base coat (to help dehyhydrate the nail) It has helped significantly with regular manicures.
Do you buff the shine off? that's what I do. also I wipe the nail with alcohol before I apply base coat.
Yes, i buff the shine off. How long does your polish usually last?

(01-17-2013, 12:43 PM)EternalFlower09 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you buff the shine off? that's what I do. also I wipe the nail with alcohol before I apply base coat.

I understand your frustration of things not working, but just recently found something that is working great for my clients and makes me some extra income. Try using Nail Tek's Xtra nail strengthener. If the client uses it two to three times after their manicure service it keeps the polish on really well. Been a god send for those who can't or don't want to spend more on Shellac.
I like Orly Ruberized base coat and I found Beauty Secrets base coat is nice too. I usually direct people to top coat every 3 days for added time to their manicure. Last, I do "Gelly Sandwich" sometimes.
I have had techs tell me they use Linkage as a base for regular nail polish and it has been wonderful.
Thank you all, those are some great tips. I will let you all know which ones work out for me.
Hi Luvglitter,
Is the nail tek xtra the foundation ridge filling nail strengthener base coat?
My best proven combo is:
- very light buff (very light!)
- acetone wipe or scrubfresh
- OPI Nail Envy matte as base coat (let dry to a matte finish)
- 2 coats of color (let it dry between so the first coat of polish is dry to touch.. so almost dry)
- Dior top coat (applied with a very light touch).

Dior top coat (although super expensive) is THE quickest drying top coat ever. It also doesn't pull, shrink.
The nails are dry in 5 min. Miracle in a bottle!