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GREAT DEALS! January - February 2013
1 Store, 3 Great Brands
FREE Shipping* on orders over $75

[Image: JF13star.jpg][Image: JF13cuccio.jpg][Image: JF13cina.jpg]

Purchase 1 36-watt UV Lamp and get 4 replacement 9 watt bulbs (DC475) FREE
947-JF13 Salon: $59.00 - SHOP NOW

Purchase a Neon multi grit block at a special price
1339-JF13 Salon: $0.29 - SHOP NOW

Purchase 12 Miracle Buff & Shine glossing blocks and get 12 Eliminator Blocks (769) FREE
701-JF13 Salon: $1.95 SHOP NOW

Purchase a Red Nail Art pen and get 1 Purple Pen (CI-18129) FREE
CI-18126-JF13 Salon: $6.75 SHOP NOW

Save $5.00 on a 1440 pack of Crystal Rhinestones
CI-1800710GJF13 Salon: $4.95 SHOP NOW

Free CinaPro DVD with purchase of Striping Brush with Cleaner
CI-18096-JF13 Salon: $3.00 SHOP NOW

Kit contains: 1- DETOXSOAK™ Packet, 1 oz. DETOXSOAK™ Somatology Massage Serum and Technique Cards
3250-JF13 Salon: $7.95 SHOP NOW

Kit contains: 8 - DETOXSOAK™ Packets and FREE 4 oz. DETOXSOAK™ Somatology Massage Serum with Technique Cards
3248-JF13 Salon: $47.60 SHOP NOW

DETOXSOAK™Case pack of 24 packets
3245-CS-JF13 Salon: $120.00 SHOP NOW

DETOXSOAK™ Somatology
Massage Serum 4 oz.
3249-JF13 Salon: $8.95 SHOP NOW

Purchase 6 - Milk & Honey Cuticle Conditioning Butter Sticks and get 6 Pomegranate & Fig Cuticle Conditioning Butter Sticks FREE with display
3160-JF13 Salon: $21.00 SHOP NOW

Purchase ONE Stainless Steel Foot File intro kit and receive 1 - 50 pack - black 80 grit refill paper (3207) FREE
3206-JF13 Salon: $19.95 SHOP NOW

NEW Herbal DETOXSOAK™ Service
"Total Body Health Begins with the Feet"

A stand alone service featuring a 15 minute DETOXSOAK™ of feet in warm water followed by a DETOXSOAK™ Somatology technique massage of feet and legs to balance, de-stress and refresh.

This service can be added to a pedicure service. (The charge would be for two services)

To watch the Cuccio Naturale™ DETOXSOAK™ How-to video please click on the following link

DETOXSOAK™ Somatology Massage Serum - Use with Herbal DETOXSOAK™ Service Contains the natural anti-oxidants properties of Vitamin E, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Vitamin C and the hydrating benefits of Argan Oil.


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