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Full Version: *Some of my recent work!
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[Image: P1140458_zpsb2322851.jpg]
[Image: P1040449_zpsc9cdbe16.jpg]
[Image: P1040444_zps1b866e75.jpg]
[Image: P1040443_zpsebfed5ee.jpg]
[Image: P1030435_zps889ce2c2.jpg]
[Image: PC280420_zpsd70e85ad.jpg]
[Image: PC250416_zps1cac1209.jpg]
[Image: PC230414_zpsa722b502.jpg]
[Image: PC230412_zps99ba4628.jpg]
Nice job
Nice i like them all
These are awesome. What kind of brush did you use on the second one to get your leaves and petals to a point?
Thank you!
Lynne85-I just use a detail brush the one with the short hair...
Great job!!! I love the blue glitter French tip - did you custom make it or purchase it? If you purchased it, I would love to know from where. I have been looking for the color! Thanks!!

It is from the Prism kit acrylic collection by Harmony!