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Full Version: Vitagel by Gelish
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Have any of you had success with this product? I have about 5 clients that have weak nails that constantly peel and break, and then the Shellac or Gelish (I use both) ends up chipping and peeling off within a week. I was excited to try this new Strengthener that was intended for use under gel polish not only for strength but extending the polish wear. So far, the 3 people I have tried it on said it didn't seem to make much difference, one text me this morning that it is already off and it's been a week. Confused Do any of you use Gelish Structure with any success for extended wear or problem, peeling nails? Any suggestions to at least get these clients to be able to go the full 2 weeks? I've been doing Shellac/Gelish for over 2 years, about 90% of my clients are now gel polish. They are taught to use Solar Oil daily, I cap the free edges, etc etc. Any input on Structure vs. Vitagel would be appreciated!! Thanks!
I'm running a test on myself using the strength vita gel. I used it as the base coat with the gelish color and didn't get two weeks. Now I have on the base, then strength then the gelish color. It's only been on two days - so I'll get back to you. I have used the base the structure and didn't notice a difference in polish wear - but did notice that it made the manicure stronger - so if you have a customer who breaks nails alot.. the structure might help.
I use it and love it. I know they said you can use it as a base coat but I tried it that way and didn't have any luck. So now I put the regular Gelish base coat on, then the Vitagel, wipe off sticky layer, then do color. Works great.
If you tried this and it still didn't work, try 2 coats of the Vitagel. I have really weak nails and two coats was great.
Thanks Colleen... do you use the recovery one? If so - who benefits from it? Do you use base coat?
I have used the Strength but had problems with chipping and peeling. I love the Recovery!!!
I use it as my base coat on almost everyone now. If their nails are in good shape I will use one thin coat. If they have weak nails I will do two coats. I sometimes apply a thick coat being careful to move quickly so it doesn't run into the sidewalls. It has helped me change some of my acrylic clients over to gel polish. It's acts like an overlay and gives just enough strength for those with shorter nails. Make sure you stir it up before each use, it has kind of a milky color to it.
Thanks for the input ladies! I will buy the Recovery next. Stuka123, do you wipe the sticky layer first with Recovery?

Day 8 of the strength test on myself. (Reminder: used base, then strength, then two color coats, then one top). Holding up well.... I have four troublesome fingers that normally give me trouble about now... no trouble on them. No wear and tear at all.
I'll keep you posted at two and a half weeks. Wink
I don't usually wipe the sticky layer unless the color starts pulling away from the sides. I think you could do it either way. It does take longer to soak off though. I will file the shine off and a little of the color and then wrap in foil. After 5 minutes or so I will start to do one finger at a time. I can usually scrape off the color while leaving some Recovery behind so I'm not touching the natural nail. Then use a buffer to smooth things out. So far it's been working great.
I have been using the recovery gel as the base coat and have had no issues with it. But i think i will try and do the foundation and then recovery to the clients i have with serious issues with breaking which seem to be alot right now but then again none are using there oil Sad
My test nails using the base, strength, two coats of color, top coat: one day shy of three weeks: Nails looked great. One chip on my working hand. Redid my manicure using the same method. Loved the results. Am def going to start using this method on my weak-nailed clients.
@Gr8Nailz do you ever use it with Shellac? I have only a handful of Gelish colors, but all of the Shellac. Ive mixed lines before with no problem, but its not working with the Recovery or Strength...I bought my Gelish Foundation online, is it normally thick and hard to get a thin layer or did I get a bad bottle? Also, I can't keep Shellac on my right hand more than 4 days. Getting frustrated. Some clients go 3 weeks with no chips, others start coming off in a week. Thanks for the input! I will try the base then the recovery and see what happens.