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Full Version: one step uv gel
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I have not touched gels since I grad 5 years ago, there is really not a big demand around here. Anyways, I got a sample of Nueveau Nail one step gel but I'm a little clueless when it comes to using it.
Some of u may have read my post about having a hell of a time getting Gelish to soak off my clients (I have tried EVERYTHING) so I have read a few posts on here about using a hard gel as a base then doing the gelish over it. I'm thinking that way I will be able to file off the color but have the hard gel as protection to the natural nail.
Just wondering if someone could give me steps on how to do this? Do I still use the gelish base under the hard gel? After I cure the hard gel, do I wipe off the inhibitation layer or have to shape/rough it up? I have an LED so how long should I cure the hard gel? Almost done...when its time for a fill and I have filed all the color off, I'm assuming I would do a normal fill on the regrowth?
Sorry so many questions but that's why u guys all rock!!! Thanks much Smile
OK I've never actually done this but I believe you should follow the prep and bonder given for the hard gel not the gelish bonder. then I would leave the inhibitation layer and continue with your color application. as for the LED cure time your hard gel should say how long on it or on the companies website. and when it's fill time I would do a normal fill with the hard gel. again this is just my thoughts on how to do it from what I've read. there is an article on this very thing on NAILS website but it didn't give a lot of info on the exact steps to follow.
Yes you are going to prep as required for the hard gel base. Then, leaving the sticky dispersion layer or dry wiping it (I'll get to that decision in a second) proceed directly with the gel polish color and the gel polish top coat.

OK so the decision on dry wiping or not may be some trial and error. But before we even go there, lets discuss WHY you might have to do this.

Gel polish is a slightly chemically different animal than gels we have been using. We've found that most gel polish brands can't tolerate a large amount of sticky dispersion layer. You'll know there is too much if you have shrinkage when applying and or during curing. The gel polish more or less floats around on the sticky dispersion layer not having anything to anchor itself to. To correct this you can remove and quick buff with a white block before your color layers or dry wipe which is exactly what it sounds like. With a clean dry gel brush, wipe the sticky dispersion layer off.

One reason you get too much sticky dispersion layer is putting the base coat on too thick. So to correct that you take some gel on your brush, dab it on 3-5 nails then go back and with a circular motion almost "scrub" the base onto the nail plate. If you were basing with hard gel, I would do that normal "as required" thickness, then dry wipe or remove and buff with a white block.