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Full Version: Having problems with gelish and youngnails led
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WHen i cure the gelish under the young nails led lamp sometimes the gel looks almost like crackle polish. I don't have this with every color but most. I know how to use the sog and did not have this issue with the 36watt lamp.
Interesting I had this happen today on 1 Nail today- it look like it heated up and shrunk??
Mine didnt shrink. It looked like partially see through. It was even when polished and when cured it looked dark and light in some areas. I tried longer and made sure the tiniest amount of base.
I'm newby & think possibly technique in applying Gelish but I'm having other issues as well- I didn't want to take up your post with my problems so I created a new thread :-)
I have had many problems curing gelish in any other led lamp besides their lamps.