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Full Version: ...GONE ! HELP!
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I was buying my flared nail tips from but they seem to have gone off the grid and I need to get a new box of flared nail tips by the 25th. does anyone know of any other places that sell them?
right here in the BeautyTech Shoppe Smile

[Image: SL7066.jpg]
thanks but those don't look like they are flared enough for my client. she likes them pretty wide but not long.
did you check eBay?
I did those seem to be only a little flared. it could just be the way the picture looks but I don't want to chance it.
I will drag the big camera out in the morning and see if I can get some better shots of the tips for length and the width for you.
that would be great thanks
OK sorry for the delay.. the first one I more was concentrating on the C curve so you could see that and the second one more to see the actual width of the flare, they are fairly flexible so they should work well on flat as well as curved nail beds

[Image: SL7066_1.jpg]
[Image: SL7066_2.jpg]
That helped a lot thanks Smile
ok glad it was a help.. are they what you were looking for?
actually these are what I'm looking for

I wasn't joking when I said she likes them large. she found these and sent them to me. thanks so much though.
ewwwwww.. OK what ever floats her boat! absolutely not my cup of tea Smile but the smaller flare isnt either Smile
lol yeah I don't care for the flare either but hey she's got to wear them. Check here, these look a little more flared