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Full Version: Holiday Specials?
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Is anyone running any holiday specials/promos? Looking for a creative way to get new client referrals and/or build some extra business. Thanks for your input everyone!


I've done s few specials to do exactly what you are wanting to do. New people would come to get the special and then I'd never see them again. It might work better to offer a special to your existing clients based on how many referrals they have come in. Networking and using social media could be an effective way of getting new business. Hope these suggestions help you out.
Thank you! Actually, I came up with something while I was waiting for a response to this thread ... I'm offering $5 off my client's services when they purchase a Gift Certificate (to give as a gift or for themselves) of $25 or more, thru 12/31/11.

Hope this helps anyone else who was thinking about doing the same ... Big Grin


Sounds like a good idea. Let me know how it does.
I am running a 12 days of christmas special. I came up with 12 different specials, most are designed to entice gift certificate purchases. To protect myself, and keep me from getting "hosed" on the deals, I took verbiage from groupon's fine print and tweeked it to fit my needs. I think that typically, December is a busy month for us, so the target dates for the deals to be used is January and February. The emails are written, and are all scheduled to be emailed one every day, starting Tuesday of next week. It's the first time I have done this type of promotion, so I do not know how it will do. BUT, the cost to me is zero, so what do I really have to lose (except my time writing the emails of course!).