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Full Version: Disposable files
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What cost effective disposable files do you all use. I am currently using septi files by Backscratchers, they are awesome but pricey. Where do you purchase them from thanks for the input.
Check out the They have lots of options. I like the white cushion files 100/180 and get them in bulk and just give them to my clients at the end of their appointment. They like knowing that the file is brand new each time.
I used Tammy Taylor when i was first out of school and liked them alot but they're still up there in price. I live in a state that still lets us reuse files as long as they are properly cleaned and sanitized. However should the laws change here I think I would just look for a good price on some regular no name files and buy in bulk.
I love OPI 1x files. They file fast with minimal 'curlies.'