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Full Version: Gel Sealents?
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I do several hair stylists with both gel and acrylic nails and every sealent I have tried on them seems to grab hair color when they are working.....does anyone use a sealent that won't grab hair color? I would be greatful for any suggestions..
I have this same problem. I've yet to find one that wont grab the color so I tried just using a buffer to make the nails super shiny and while its not 100% color free I found that the color grab isn't as bad.
I use Light Elegance Super Shiny on my clients and have never had any issues with my hairdresser clients at all, and one tells me that she never wear gloves.
If you are going to use it over acrylic, just do your finish filing with 180 grit file, dust & cleanse nail then apply Super Shiny. Smile