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Full Version: pedi scrubs oil free (sugar or salt)
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What type of Pedi scrubs do you use in Pedi Spas with 4 jets . Scrubs that wont clog jets and pipes? Oil free ?
You know, I feel like I am very fugal with my scrub because you don't need much to do the job! Plus I save money when I use less. I use Blue cross applied with a brush,then use a piece of cotton and lay it over.(I get a sheet of cotton in a roll,and pull off what I need to lay over the Blue cross. Then I apply baggies for 10 mins. The skin rolls off in sheets when you use a chechi file. Then I wipe off the foot. And then I use a dime size amount of scrub. Scrub is not what removes all the skin. It is meant to polish the skins surface. I have my scrub made by a lab. Everyone of my clients purchase it from me along with my Body Butter. The combo of oils and butters seal in the moisture and dry to a powder finish.
So to answer your question, I use a sugar scrub sparingly that has thin oils.