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Full Version: Event Loyalty Cards- new concept to save techs $$$
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Hi nail techs!

In case you aren't on our mailing list, we just launched a new concept for 2013- "The Event Loyalty Card" & wanted to share the news with you because they'll be available (while supplies last) at upcoming shows this season. Photos of the cards can be seen on the home page of

In a nutshell:

"The Event Loyalty Card" is the 1st in the USA (or possibly the world?) designed specifically for our beauty industry. We created it to:

1) build brand loyalty with the 7 participating nail companies on the back of this card.

2) give techs a product price break for the entire year at all shows, networking events & by phone/online orders.

3) promote the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies to as many techs as possible. Nail techs can our 2 QR codes to find a nice surprise, plus see more details of The Event!

The Event Loyalty Card will be distributed by these participating nail companies at upcoming 2013 shows, plus put into orders placed online/phone (as supplies last):

*Atwood Ind.
*Light Elegance
*Masterworks by Amy Becker
*Precision Nails
*Soft Landings Towels

We've absorbed the cost of printing & shipping them to these companies, which we will continue to do before every major show. We did not charge for advertising space this year either. The only cost to nail companies is that they HAVE to honor their own discount (which they created) for the entire year!

Attendees of the 6th Nail Tech Event of the Smokies will receive 1 Event Loyalty Card at the registration desk on August 25th in Gatlinburg, TN. If this new concept is well received, then we'll continue it with a mix of different companies each year so as not to get stale.

In the photos we've blocked out the promo codes for online advertising purposes, which will be used to track the ROI (return on investment) by these companies from actual card holders.

Please spread the word to all your nail tech friends to ask for "The Event Loyalty Card" from the 7 participating company booths at the next show they attend (plus grab one for yourself & start using it early). Don't forget to post about it on your web site, Facebook page, plus Tweet about it, too!

If we all (nail techs, educators, & company owners) pull together to support this nails-only show, then our entire nail industry wins!

Many thanks in advance for keeping 'nail tech pride' flowing & for more details, plus fun photos, visit!

Sincerely, Jill Wright
Event Coordinator & Nail Tech
[email protected]