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Full Version: Best file for natural nails
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What is everyones favorite natural nail file? I was very happy with a particular CND file (cant remember the name right now), but theyre quite pricey.

What is the best grit to use aaaand, how do you guys disinfect your files?? I have noticed that soaking them in disinfectant for the alloted time isnt an option because they are always in there for about 45 minutes while i am with my next client. I tend to scrub them off and then spray with 100& alcohol (they stay saturated for at least 10 minutes)

I am trying to keep costs down, so I would definitely prefer a reusable file.
I love the Tammy Taylor Natural Nail file peel and stick.
I use Hand and Nail Harmony's 240 grit file.

Nails are protein (keratin), not calcium.
About calcium, a lot of people are intolerant to milk and don't know it. Molasses, collard greens, sardines and salmon also have high levels of calcium. Here is a short little article about foods that can keep your hair and nails healthy (both made from keratin). Either way, if you are having issues with them, you should speak to a Dr. A nail tech should never tell a client what vitamins to take, that's a Dr's job.
I use an OPI Glass file for all my natural nail services. They are disinfectable and last nearly forever (unless you drop it and break it. LOL). In the event I use a regular file on a client I do NOT sanitize or disinfect....all regular files should be tossed after each client.

Milk (calcium) is for your bones and teeth....not hair and nails.....but it is not our job to diagnose or treat....we are neither doctors nor nutritionists.