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Full Version: Nail Art Questions
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Hello- new here!
I'm 1/2 way through manicuring school in NJ. I wanted to ask about Nail Art- we are doing a lot by hand-- but in most salons I've been to in the past it was airbrushed..... what are most doing? I like by hand!
Also when doing Nail Art over Soak Off Gel Polish- do u remove tacky layer or no? What's better acrylic paints for nail art? Or the nail art paints?
I'm using Gelish @ home & OPI Gelcolor in school.
I prefer hand paint...I do remove the tacky layer on gel polish before I seems to work better if you do...I use all kinds of paint...all of them work..just make sure the paint is thin and try before you top coat it! Smile Good luck!
Thank you!
I think airbrush designs are becoming outdated, with so many new trends, techniques and products coming out for nail art, not many people are doing airbrush designs anymore. In my area, the only salons that still offer airbrushed designs are the outdated salons, which have nail techs that are not interesting in attending beauty trade shows, continuing education or keeping up with the new trends. Hand painted designs are good for those who want a unique, one of a kind design, as hand painting isn't always 100% exactly the same (like stamps/stickers/decals are) and designs can be easily personalized. However, with hand painted designs, time needs to be taken into consideration, as the more detailed designs requires more time. Practice freehand dsigns and time your self to help build up your speed. In salons, Time is money and you need to be fast but good.Both clients and your employer would need you to be fast.
I dont use gelish or OPI gelcolor, I use Cnd Shellac and when I do artwork on Shellac, I do not remove the inhibition layer, I apply base, cure, 2 x color, cure each, add artwork, then top coat and cure. For hand painted designs on shellac I use acrylics paints from Michaels, mainly because it dries fast. With regular polish I use both acrylic paints and Artclub nail stripers. I found Artclub stripers to be the best stripers I have ever used, and I have used quite a lot trying to get the perfect one.

Great info- thanks so much! I appreciate it!
I use Artclub stripers too. If you like Artclub, you will love Misa! Misa stripers are really easy to work with and come in very pretty colors.

Again I appreciate the information!
Since you are new to the industry,I would like to invite you to my website where you can read my Blog. (lots of great advice)
There are also videos,tutorial,pictorials on how I use the art pen by Be Creative. I am a US distributor. I've been an artist all my life,and I found the art pen is a fast way to get a design done. I also have a FB page called-The Art Of The Pen that you can join. Happy Nailing!
Thanks I will!! What Gel do you use? What Gel paint or nail art paints? Thx