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Full Version: Personal Salon Assistant by SalonTechnologies
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I was curious if anyone out there is using this application for managing their schedules on the Ipad/Iphone. I have been using it for about 2 years. It was awesome the first year, but at the beginning of this year they released an “upgrade” and I have had nothing but problems with the application as well as the company. They have released 3 “fixes” since the “upgrade”, and each time they release a “fix”, it messes up something else. On top of that, they took their phone number off their website, refuse to answer ANY emails and refuse to respond to any requests/complaints/comments on Facebook…THEN, they deleted any negative comments on their Facebook page and blocked everyone who made those negative comments.

Anyways…I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, and if it has been resolved. As of the latest “update”, data has been lost by some, the interface has been screwed up, daylight savings time has been screwed up, and that’s just a few of the problems.

Also, if you haven’t had resolution, what are your alternatives?? I have researched Vagaro, Schedulicity and Genbook, which are all monthly fees instead of a one-time application purchase. I also saw in NailPro Magazine an application called SalonPOS…any feedback on any of those? Or other suggestions?? I feel like now, even if they finally fix the problem, that their business practices don't make them deserving of my business.
Love my schedualicity