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Full Version: Any solution to peeling nails
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Why do some people's nails peel? I have tried two different polish to prevent peeling, but it doesn't do anything. Once the polish is off, some are already peeling. I tried different base coats thinking it might be a reaction to the base coat, but it doesn't help.
Hydration. Make sure they are using cuticle oil 1-3 times a day. I love CND Solar oil. it can also be medication or medical disorders.
Does cuticle oil work even if applied with nail polish on?
Absolutely cuticle oil will get where it needs to be with polish on.. she can massage it into her cuticles and is its a fine enough oil (small molecules) it will penetrate just about anything except a hard gel.

This client needs to keep polish on. You can help with a white block gently buffing off where its peeling. Possibly doing a single layer of gel polish base to help seal and protect before her polish. If she will go for the gel polish base, cap the free edge lightly and remind her not to file her nails unless she really must. She should try and refrain if shes a "picker" from using her other nails to peel the peelie part off.. she causing damage to the peeled nail and trauma to the peelie removing nail!

Melissa is right.. its a hydration issue.. could be she is a teacher or someone who works with paper and or chalk all day.. typists sometimes have issues if they type with their nails (like I do) not the pads of their fingers as they should have been properly taught to do so..

(01-05-2013, 10:26 PM)Melissa82 Wrote: [ -> ]Absolutely.

Melissa, you make me so proud! You are turning in to a nail guru! *Sniff Sniff* TongueHeartBig GrinTongueHeartBig GrinTongueHeartBig GrinTongueHeartBig Grin
Lol, well thanks, I'm trying. Tongue
Thank you for your help!
(01-10-2013, 09:51 PM)Melissa82 Wrote: [ -> ]Lol, well thanks, I'm trying. Tongue

Thank you for your help!