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Full Version: Traveling with Nail Products
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Has anyone traveled to another country with their nail products? I live outside of the US now, and would like to take my acrylic, gel, uv lamp, minx, and like 50 nail polishes with me. I was hoping to just check it all in with my luggage...but not sure if taking all that stuff is even allowed? For example, I know it sounds crazy but my immediate thought is NO, because they'd probably think I was smuggling drugs (acrylic powder) and ransack my suitcase. But I know that there are American techs that work shows abroad and get their stuff over there somehow. Any help with this? Thanks Angel
Hi, never had any bother with nail products (acrylic powder and liquid) in luggage. Even if they decide to check the powder it's not cocaine lol so you'll be fine. I would take care with any glass polish bottles, bubble wrap everything and just be careful when you pack it.
Thank You! I'm going to take my chances... turns out 50 bottles really turned in 100, I just couldn't part with some of my beloved colors! If anything dramatic happens, I'll be sure to update!

whatever airline you are using has a website with a list of what is allowed. I would not want to be upset with them throwing your things away. I was upset that they threw away an unopened water bottle! Just call the airline so that yo ucan prepare properly.
Enjoy your trip!
Most nail product liquids are inflammable, and should not be taken on a flight. See Other Items, . Most nail polishes and gel polishes are also inflammable - a few would probably be OK but if taking 50 it would be wise to ask your airline. (Air couriers like UPS/FedEx will not allow nail polishes or gel polishes to be transported by air)

Acrylic powders and gels are OK, but I recommend that you put the gels in sealed plastic bags (like a freezer bag) because depending on the jars, these can leak with the change in pressure on the flight and make a horrible mess in the suitcase. It's advisable to check these items in with your luggage.

Finally, regarding the UV lamp - don't forget to check the voltage of the country you are visiting. In the USA/Canada they use 110 VAC, while in Europe it's 220 VAC. If different first need to check your UV lamp and see if it supports both voltages - some don't. If not, then you will need a power converter - not a simple adapter plug. The power converter has to be matched to the power consumption of the lamp - in the US, shops like Radio Shack can be found in most towns and will help. These converters are harder to find in Europe (professional electronic distributors sell), so worth buying in the US before travelling to Europe.