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Full Version: Gels popped off?
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I have been using cnd gel for my past 6 or 7 sets, all have stayed on with no problems except for one. My client said the nails all just popped right off like they were stick ons. I removed all of the shine from the nail plates and used cnds gel bonding agent like usual so I'm just at a loss of how they came off so easily! Is it possible for someone's nails to just not allow the gel to adhere? This was her first set of sculpted gels and gel in general so we have nothing to compare to!
Some people may need a stronger primer. You can use acid primer with gel.
Have you seen her nails to evaluate them? I've already had people tell me their nail popped off when their are obvious signs of picking and prying. One girl at school today was telling me they were about to fall off... an hour of hand filing and they were all still on, lol.
I believe that people fib when you ask them if they wear gloves and use oil. They also neeed to develop better habits with their hands or they can't keep nails. Usually after 20 questions later they fess up. Pretty much everything that happens to their nails has already happened to me in the last 30 yrs. I'm the nail police! LOL
the first thing I'd suspect is what did the client use on her nails before she came in the salon. For some strange reason, they'll lotion up before coming in. I can feel it on their hands and will let them know that's not the thing to do before coming to get their nails done. The other culprits, baby oil and vaseline. Both of those are super hard to get off the client's nails even after repeated cleansing. It will keep the gel or any nail product from bonding well.
I have a few people that couldn't keep gels on if they're life depended on it. sometimes some people are better suited for other types of enhancements.