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Full Version: led lamp
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Hi everyone! I'd like to invest in a led lamp but I was wondering if I can also use it to cure regular gel besides gel polishes like gelish or shellac. Thank you!
The short answer is no. The more involved response is - if the gel was formulated to cure LED you can, if it was not you can not.

A gel NOT formulated to cure LED MIGHT appear to be cured under a LED lamp, but it is not and you are risking undercure issues - including breakdown and over exposure issues - both to you and the client.

Many of the Gel Polishes have been formulated to cure LED, some Soak Off gels and at this point even fewer hard gels are formulated to LED cure.

One option is a dual cure lamp.
Check out this one by Star Nail:

Thank you so much, it was very helpful!