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Full Version: I became a technician in 2012
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Looking back at 2012, I completed my courses to become a licensed manicurist and waxing technician. (Mind you I'd never even polished nails before)
Some of you I've met through this site and I've learned from through this site.
Thank all of you for supporting my endeavors this year! Support from afar! It has truly been a touching journey. It reminds me of why I try to stay peaceful, patient, and kind because the support I received from people I've never even met has been extraordinary.

When I first started this this road I kept hearing how nail technicians don't like to help and support each other and for the most part many of you have proven that to be a myth.

For all my nail technician friends. Thank you for riding through 2012 with me and I look forward to our continued network through 2013. Cheers and many manis!

Tashawna Hundley
~Suite Tee
Awwwww how sweet of ya to say hun! Happy New Year to ya too!