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Full Version: Peeling away from gel!
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Hey Ladies! I was wondering if anyone has any advice on the nails peeling away from the gel on sides of free edge? It has happened on 2 of my clients, and they are actually mother/daughter. I was wondering if maybe it was just hereditary how their nails grow.
Edited - I realized I read this wrong. I thought you were saying the nails were peeling from the nail bed.

Yes I agree with the post below, use a soft gel as opposed to a hard one to aid in flexibility.
i find this happens with my clients who have a deep C curve in their natural nails. I try to use a soft (soak off) gel on these clients as they have a bit more flexibility and seem to adhere a bit better than the harder rigid file off gels. Hope this helps.
Are their hands in water often or for long periods of time? It sounds like their natural nail could be dehydrated and curling away from the gel. In that case they definitely Need to be dedicated to using their cuticle oil daily to keep the natural nail conditioned and flexible.


I have noticed too that when using hard products that some people's nails pull away from the corner of the free edge. As others have said this is just the way their nails grow by curling a little bit in that area.