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Full Version: Gelish Fall and Winter Collection?
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Is anyone else having trouble curing the new Gelish colors? It seems they all want to wrinkle no matter how thin you apply it. Yesterday I used one if the winter colors, applied 3 super thin coats, then when I went to apply the top coat, it was pulling the color off the nail. I let it cure some more, applied top coat again. I applied cuticle oil and did the massage on one hand. By the time I did the other hand, the first hand had bubbled and was starting to lift off the nail.

I use the Gelish 18G LED lights and apply protein bond and dry wipe the base before applying color. What can be causing this?

Thanks in advance!
I have found with some of these colors, be it Opi or gelish, when using the 18g lamp that some clients put their hands in too far and the ends of their nails don't cure completely. I will sometimes have them only put their 4 fingers in and leave their thumbs out. I tell them only go in as far as the knuckle of their middle finger and to keep your fingers together. it is my understanding that LED light needs to shine directly on the nail. after the four finger cure I then have them put their whole hand in keeping the knuckle of their thumb on the edge of the bottom plate. I recently saw a picture somewhere that Gelish is putting out a new lamp with a metal stopper built into the plate. I find clients with longer fingers have a more difficult time getting a good cure.
The other problem is the dreaded "clench" where clients tend to grab at the base rather than lay their hands flat. This causes problems with a CFL lamp but big problems with an LED. Try to get them to stretch out their fingers and not grab.