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Full Version: Problem with a OPI GC
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Hi all, finally registered after hearing about this forum for quite some time. Really excited to learn and help!

Ok, let me begin by saying that I love gel color and so do my clients. I originally tried getting help from OPI's tech help hotline. No dice. Then I tried getting help from them via their Facebook page, maybe at least another tech could help? No, lol. And then I remembered this forum, *facepalm* "why didn't I think of them in the first place!?" I tried searching the forums but didn't find anything.

My problem is with Honk if you love OPI. Only that one! It's almost like it's simply not curing properly, and I have their LED light. Let me just say that my applications stay very well. Some clients (and even stylist coworkers) last 2-3 weeks without budging. Twice, on two separate clients that normally stay that 2-3wk period, this color had wrinkled and chipped within two days. Figured it was a bad batch so I waited some time, tried another bottle and again, wrinkling and chipping.

Yes, I shook it. Like, crazy shook it, like I do all the others.

I'm sure OPI tech help would say it's something I'm doing wrong but every other color applies and stays perfect. Such a shame because it's such a beautiful color; I want it to work! Big Grin
I might think that particular bottle is NFG (I'll explain that if you dont know) Smile I would return it for a new bottle and see.. The reason I'm leaning that way is because of you statement this is the only color you are having an issue with. I have to assume you have used this color on different clients with the same poor results but other colors have no problem.. if thats right then I would contact the place where you bought it and ask for a replacement exchange whatever...
When I was at a large beauty show this past year, one of the very well known nail companies shared with me that OPI had not done all of their "homework" on their gel polish before releasing it - he said to expect issues with it. He did not mention this with any negative intent. He was just sharing (helpful) information.

Because of this information, I have only purchased a few colors to try out - and I did have trouble with one of the colors that I purchased, My Private Jet. That may have been a shaking issue though, and [/font]I have not retried the color after shaking it on my paint shaker.
Same thing happened to my coworker with that color. It never cured no matter how long she left it in the light. Take it back. They will check the batch numbers to see if there are more complaints. I'm sure there will be.