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Full Version: *My recent work!
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The first is gel polish, the stilletos are acrylic as well as the red x-mas nails, and the french is gel!

[Image: PC200404_zpscfc1b199.jpg]
[Image: PC110401_zps623fe73a.jpg]
[Image: PC050397_zpsbb8531e0.jpg]
[Image: PC050370_zps098bd71c.jpg]
[Image: PB160362_zpsa40b4d4b.jpg]
This set is also acrylic on form..
[Image: PB270368_zpsa4911dd8.jpg]
Love them all!!!
Very nice Kristina , I especially like the stilettos Smile
Very nice work!
Thank you all! and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!