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Full Version: Strengthening nails
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I am a nail tech who has been out of the business for awhile and am just recently returning. I have a job at an upscale salon with an awesome boss and I am the only nail tech so I get all of the business. I am wanting to create a specialty service for those clients nails whose are brittle and break no matter what. I too suffer from this problem, even with gel polishes my nails break and tear. I would love to be able to recommend the gel application as a solution but seeing as how it was not sufficient for my nails I cannot in good conscience offer this to my clients. I would like to know if there are any products out there that are good for biweekly or even weekly applications? I have only seen daily application products and do not want to send my clients home and give them the idea that they do not need my services anymore. This is why I am looking to create a special manicure as a 3 month process to strengthen my clients nails. I am not against to acrylics or gels but it seems the trend in the industry even in the hair industry is that our client are going for the more natural look even if it costs more. Something to do with the whole green campaign I think lol who knows. I just want to be able to offer what my clients want with assurity in knowing that my services will last even if they are not coming in every 2 weeks and maybe instead say 3 weeks because I know this will ensure my clients use me exclusively and promote word of mouth. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the lengthy post it is just important to me that I am always honest with my clients and what I promise stands that is the key to repeat business.
The best I can do for my weak/flimsy nails, and those of my clients, is reinforce/protect them with a hard gel overlay. Because these are enhancements that require maintenance, not manicure/natural nail services, clients return on a regular basis. Some clients schedule every week, most every 2 weeks, and others can last 3-4.