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Full Version: Salon Suites - your thoughts....
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Does anyone have experience with salon suites or beauty malls (depending on where you are, depends on the name). I would like some input if anyone has any.

Thank you much, as always! xo <3
Very expensive. Booth rent around hear goes for $50 to $150 for nail techs. At Salon Suites here they are asking $185.
I've been what would be called a Beauty Mall type set up for over 13 years now and I love it. The room is about 10'x10' and we have pretty much free rein on how the room is decorated. I've got a key to the my door and to the building. Rent is $100 a week.
I like the concept of a salon suite and I have been in one, but the rent here is way too high. I'm looking at one now and the rent is $250 a week!!! For that much I could rent out a store front somewhere!
We have some pretty nice ones in the area, but they are geared mostly towards stylists it seems. The rent is also really high. It is worth it for a busy stylist with a full book of highlights and color clients, but seems like a huge expense for even a full book. (180-250 a week)


If I could afford it, I would jump on one so fast.
Honestly it does sound like they're priced more for stylists. I know my rent is a bit cheaper than the stylists because the owner, a stylist, knows I can't make as much as a really busy stylist can. I agree, at those prices, you can do better going somewhere else.
I actually just went on Craigslist and found a nice little spot in town that has a room open - MY OWN ROOM Smile They do massages and teach yoga classes and there's an art gallery in the basement. The lady who owns it has an advertising agency and wants to help me advertise my business. I found it for $350 a month which is cheaper than $1000 a month at the studio salon. If you look around a bit I'm sure you can find a nice spot for your business. Good luck!
This brings to mind a question I have regarding exhorbitant booth rent per square foot as compared to a professional renting their own space somewhere.

If a salon is a booth rent salon and let's just agree that the owner is only providing space(square footage)and utilities; WHY is it that salons will ask for nearly $125 or more per week for approx 50-60sq ft, but you can get 200-600 sq ft for $400 - $500 per month in an office? If a salon owner is paying lets say $1200 per month rent, the charges booth renters $150 per week; has 3 stylist, an esty and a nail tech. The math blows my mind.

The salon is then charging 3+ more than you can get your own place for.

I realize that it has perks of being in the same shop as stylist and such, but it's no wonder booth rent has become so popular.

Can anyone (owners of booth rent salons) help me understand. It answer is not that 'the owner advertises' etc as in most cases they don't. I also understand the idea of CAM or Common Area Maintenance (bathrooms, hallways, doorways etc).

Can anyone explain this?
when you mention office space pricing, what comes to my mind is most office space management co.s will not let beauty services in them because of the odor. If they do, the the other tenants start complaining too much and you're asked to leave. Granted you CAN get cheaper rent somewhere else but most likely you'll need to do massive build outs to make it salon functional and that cost money. Coming up for deposit and first month, along with the cost of buying equipment, paying for build outs, having to wait to the salon is ready to move in to, are just some of the reasons, imo, that people choose to rent from the higher salons than go redo an empty space to accomodate them.

If you've got the money and time, it IS cheaper once you've recouped your start up costs.
You added more elements to the equation. Is strictly specific to a booth renter who has no needs but space and a booth rent salon who has only square footage.

In my case that is exactly the situation.

It also appears to me that many techs on here who have their own spaces have nothing more than an office space. Certainly not a bank building or law office kind of place.

Maybe I am off base here somewhere.

My experience thus far is I look at spaces at salons and salon looks nice, they give me the tour, then they show me the space they are renting and it is a back useless corner about 4x6 (approx 60 sq ft) for $100-150 per week.

When I look at some spaces that are in older 'shoppettes' or the like I see rates at the same for monthly and have min of 300 sq ft.

What I also find weird is why property owners will allow a space stand empty before they will lower their rents.